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Weekend fun
July 7, 2013, 1:31 am
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I had a great Saturday. I started my day off at the gym, just to get it out of the way. I warmed up on the spin bike, and moved onto my NROLFW workout. My strength training went well, and I still had some energy when I was done so I jumped on the elliptical. There was a movie on TV I got into, so I spent an hour on the elliptical.

I went home showered, and made myself one of my epic smoothies


Afterwards Kurt and I headed to Belleville to catch a matinee of Despicable Me 2. The movie was really good light hearted with lots of laughs. I admit it I’m a total sucker for a happy ending.

Kurt and I ran a couple of errands after the movie before heading home. When we got in I headed straight to the kitchen to prep some food for Kurt’s “man night”. I made a hot pepper dip, a veggie plate, and homemade chicken strips for him to take with him.

I had the house to myself tonight, so I cleaned up the kitchen, took a nice long bath, and started a marathon of “The Good Wife”. I watched part of the most recent season when it was on TV during the winter, and decided tonight to start back at season 1. I’m really starting to get into it.


Deadlift pain
July 5, 2013, 2:47 pm
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Yesterday I started the day with a mango smoothie: soy milk, complete green protein powder, and frozen mangos. It was a simple smoothie, it doesn’t look as good as some of my other smoothies but it was good.


I did some cooking yesterday before it got too hot. I made some potato salad, cooked some chicken breasts, and roasted chick peas. Here is what my lunch looked like yesterday:


I got hungry before dinner, and had a handful of almonds. My dinner looked pretty similar to lunch yesterday.

In the evening Kurt and I went to the gym. Kurt helped me with my dead lift form before he went swimming. It turns out I was bending my knees too much when I was dead lifting, and that was probably the cause of my hip pain after dead lifting. I dead lifted 75lbs yesterday for 3 sets with 10 reps. No pain or hip clicking after my dead lifts, so I would say the corrected form was a success. I finished off my weights, and rowed 4 sets of 500m. I just got on the treadmill, and Kurt arrived finishing his swim earlier, so my workout ended early.

After I got home and showered we decided to watch a movie. I had some popcorn to munch on while watching Parker. I enjoyed the movie, but thought that there were a few too many gratuitous Jennifer Lopez bum shots. I also have to admit that I am a big fan of Jason Statham.

July 4, 2013, 1:33 pm
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I am not an expert when it comes to exercising outside in the heat; I’m just a regular whimp who high tails it into the air conditioning when it’s too hot.

First off I try to go out and run early in the morning or late at night; last year I was dedicated to heading out for short runs three days a week at 5:30am. Unfortunately I’m just getting back into this summer, and I don’t have a set routine(working on it).

Back to the heat, I drink at least 500ml of water within an hour of heading out.
I don’t normally run long enough to need a water bottle, but of course I take one for the heat.
Wear a visor or hat.
Slow it down, honestly for me this means longer walking breaks.
Listen to your body, and don’t be afraid to take it inside and onto the treadmill.

Right now it is hot and humid in Southern Ontario, and I can handle it outside before 10am, and after 7 am (it’s great that it starts cooling off early here). Outside of those times, I’m not going to risk it with running outside, I can handle a walk outside, but running can just be too much for me. I have to say I love the air conditioning in my local YMCA. I don’t have central air at home, so this encourages me even more to head to the gym.

So, since it’s been a late start for me today, after more cover letter updates, and job hunting; I am off to the gym.

Back at it
July 2, 2013, 3:41 am
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Well today was my final day in Ottawa. In the morning we checked out of our hotel, and then headed down to the market for some breakfast. Kurt wanted to go to a music store, so I took a walk around the market while he looked at guitars.

Afterwards we made the three hour drive back home. We stopped in Kingston on our way home to have lunch at Golden Rooster Deli. I had half a bratwurst and some potato salad.
Now that we are at home I want to get back to eating healthy. I tracked my food on myfitnesspal over the weekend, but it wasn’t perfect, and I realized that even when I try to make better choices while I’m traveling, restaurant food has a ton of sodium.

I feel fine about my level of activity while I was away. We walked for hours exploring the city every day, and I did some lunges, squats and push-ups in our hotel suite. That said as soon as I am done writing this post I plan on killing it at the gym.


July 1, 2013, 3:20 am
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I had a great day in Ottawa today, and my only regret was that I forgot to take photos to share with all of you. We didn’t leave home until 10, so including our stop for Wendy’s in Kingston we managed to make it to Ottawa just after 1pm. We spent the afternoon wandering around the Byward Market, followed by an early dinner at Fisherman’s Market. I had the rainbow trout which was fantastic, and my bf got the steak and prawns. The restaurant had a great Sunday special: two drinks ( house white, red, or a pint of beer) two entrees from a limited menu, and creme burlee for desert, all this for $29. After dinner we relaxed back in our hotel room, and took an evening stroll.

Tomorrow is Canada Day! I’m sure there is going to be tons of people everywhere we go tomorrow.

My job hunt
June 28, 2013, 8:24 pm
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So it’s got to that point in the year where I can no longer spend hours searching through jobs sites saying to myself, “well maybe I could move there for a job”. It’s time to take the bull by the horns and actually apply. Don’t get me wrong, I have applied for jobs, but mostly in my area, or dream jobs I’m under-qualified for, and a few random overseas jobs. The only ones I’ve heard back from so far, were the random overseas jobs. I did a couple of Skype interviews, and got a couple of offers, but nothing fantastic enough to pack my suitcase and jump on a plane for.

I’ve also spent countless hours researching what school boards are looking for, I talk to people whenever I get a chance, and I pour over school board websites, and teacher online forums.

I’m at the point where I am seriously considering moving to Nunavut to find a job. So, I acquired a new criminal record check since Nunavut requires a criminal record check with vulnerable sectors screening completed within the last two months. Today I started applying for jobs. I had to work on my cover letter yet again, and create a cover letter that incorporates my philosophy of education. Then I had trouble emailing my pdf files, because the receiver thought it was spam!

So why would I go to Nunavut when I could go teach in Peru or Thailand? Well honestly I want to pay off my student loan, and I think the experience I would get in Nunavut will help me as I further my career.

Wish me luck, the hunt is seriously on!

Sugar Addict
June 24, 2013, 11:19 pm
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Hello Friends,

Yesterday I wrote about some of the negative health effects I experienced prior to turning 30 due to my poor diet. So I know what I have done wrong, and I am taking steps to change it, but something stands in my way. That something is my addiction to sugar. I love the sweet stuff, cakes, chocolate, ice cream, if it has sugar in it odds are I want to eat it. So what do I plan on doing to combat my sugar demons?

1. Start the day with a filling high protein breakfast.
By starting my day with a filling high protein breakfast, I am more likely to stay satisfied throughout the morning, and able to stay away from the treat stash in the staff room during first break.

2. Make natural sugars accessible.
My body is better equiped to digest the natural sugars found in whole fruits versus the sugars found in an Oh Henry bar. By rinsing my fruit when I first come home from the grocery store, it makes it easier to grab a handful of grapes or some raspberries when I want a sugar fix. Also I have recently started to put a hard boiled egg, and a piece of fruit in my purse. every time I leave the house. It makes life a little easier to have some prepared snacks on the go.

3. Plan indulgences.
Am I never going to have that Oh Henry bar ever again? It’s pretty doubtful, but by planning small sugar indulgences into my life it will make me less likely to binge on an entire tub. I plan on making my indulgences high quality ones instead of chocolate bars from the dollar store. For example last night I had a cup of strawberries and two squares of 90% cocoa, dark chocolate. It certainly hit the spot even though it wasn’t my normal sticky sweet carmel chocolate bar. I also need to be more aware of my portions when I have something sweet, a little treat is fine, a meal sized slice of cake is not.

4. If I mess up, I can start over immediately
If I cave in and eat a meal sized slab of chocolate cake one lonely afternoon, it doesn’t mean I can continue with poor eating habits for the rest of the day. I need to brush myself off, and get on with healthy eating.

5. Think of the benefits of a lower sugar diet
I am aware that my mood is often effected by my sugar intake as is my skin. Of course my waistline is negatively impacted by eating mounds of high sugar high fat creations. I plan on focusing on my goals and reminding myself why I feel better emotionally and physically without refined sugar.