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Sugar Addict
June 24, 2013, 11:19 pm
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Hello Friends,

Yesterday I wrote about some of the negative health effects I experienced prior to turning 30 due to my poor diet. So I know what I have done wrong, and I am taking steps to change it, but something stands in my way. That something is my addiction to sugar. I love the sweet stuff, cakes, chocolate, ice cream, if it has sugar in it odds are I want to eat it. So what do I plan on doing to combat my sugar demons?

1. Start the day with a filling high protein breakfast.
By starting my day with a filling high protein breakfast, I am more likely to stay satisfied throughout the morning, and able to stay away from the treat stash in the staff room during first break.

2. Make natural sugars accessible.
My body is better equiped to digest the natural sugars found in whole fruits versus the sugars found in an Oh Henry bar. By rinsing my fruit when I first come home from the grocery store, it makes it easier to grab a handful of grapes or some raspberries when I want a sugar fix. Also I have recently started to put a hard boiled egg, and a piece of fruit in my purse. every time I leave the house. It makes life a little easier to have some prepared snacks on the go.

3. Plan indulgences.
Am I never going to have that Oh Henry bar ever again? It’s pretty doubtful, but by planning small sugar indulgences into my life it will make me less likely to binge on an entire tub. I plan on making my indulgences high quality ones instead of chocolate bars from the dollar store. For example last night I had a cup of strawberries and two squares of 90% cocoa, dark chocolate. It certainly hit the spot even though it wasn’t my normal sticky sweet carmel chocolate bar. I also need to be more aware of my portions when I have something sweet, a little treat is fine, a meal sized slice of cake is not.

4. If I mess up, I can start over immediately
If I cave in and eat a meal sized slab of chocolate cake one lonely afternoon, it doesn’t mean I can continue with poor eating habits for the rest of the day. I need to brush myself off, and get on with healthy eating.

5. Think of the benefits of a lower sugar diet
I am aware that my mood is often effected by my sugar intake as is my skin. Of course my waistline is negatively impacted by eating mounds of high sugar high fat creations. I plan on focusing on my goals and reminding myself why I feel better emotionally and physically without refined sugar.



My Skin
June 21, 2013, 1:32 pm
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Recently I looked at an old picture of myself that was taken about eight years ago. What I noticed right away wasn’t just how much thinner I was, but how amazing my skin looked. I don’t want to live a life where so much pleasure and pain is centred around food. I want to live a life where I have energy, and vitality and food is there to provide nourishment and help me to achieve my fitness goals.
Many people do not believe in cutting out foods groups, while others believe for there own bodies some foods are just not compatible.
About four years ago I went to a naturopath for the first time, and was placed on a severely limiting diet after completing a vega allergy test. At the time I was experiencing a lot of digestive problems, and major PMS symptoms. Food can heal us or make us sick. A little over a year ago I went back to the naturopath, because honestly I never stuck to her instructions for more than a couple of months. My major concern when I went to see the naturopath was my skin. I had developed a rash on my left check that wouldn’t go away. I tried over the counter creams, prescription medication and creams, change my soap, laundry detergent and any other possible offender with no luck. I knew there was a food connection, because when I cut dairy out of my diet my rash would improve, but wouldn’t completely go away.

Back to my visit with the naturopath.
Amazingly my food sensitivities had improved, but I still had some major ones. I have food sensitivities which include: sugar, sulphites, and cow dairy. Under the direction of a naturopath I have been instructed to not eat these foods, and to limit wheat (previous sensitivity to wheat and gluten). Sugar in whole fruits has be okayed, and Stevia a natural sweetener, but that’s it. No honey, no Splenda, aspartame, maple syrup, etc. Sulphites have over fifty chemical names which are listed on the nutrition label of most packaged foods. Sulphites are also found in wine, unfortunately.
So other than being tired, sad, having an upset stomach, and experiencing extreme PMS, why would I ever want to give up sugar? The answer is my skin! I want to have clear, radiate, youthful looking skin. I know that my skin the largest organ of my body is a reflection of how I treat my body. The sun I expose it to, the fluids I give it, and the food I digest.

30 Day squat challenge
April 10, 2013, 3:10 am
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Okay, so the 30 day squat challenge has been going around the Internet quite a bit lately, and since I am not afraid of squats or a good challenge, I decided to start it. The first day requires 50 squats, no problem, but by day 30 I have to complete 250! In case you are interested, here is the challenge information:

I love myself, however I think of myself as a “big girl”
March 29, 2013, 1:10 pm
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I want you all to know that I did not wake up one day and realize I was fat, and suddenly gained 50 pounds. I’ve been fully aware of my size for as long as I can remember. I also have avoided the camera for as long as I can remember.
When I was 20 years old I lost 50 pounds, but kept all of the emotional baggage, including the baggage that only allowed myself to see a “big girl” in the mirror. When twenty pounds crept back on, when I transitioned to a desk job, I thought, “No big deal, I’m just a big girl anyways”.
Then I started college when I was 24, and I managed to gain 43 pounds in eight months! I can hardly believe it myself, my eating was completely out of control. During the past five years my weight has yo-yoed, in a 30 pound range. Whenever I say I’m going to change my life and take control, I bring out the scale, a tap measure, and a notebook. Thus making myself fully aware of just how big I have gotten.
Why is it different now you ask? If my life has been full of weight loss failure, what makes this time different?
First of all, I’m sharing it with all of you, so public humiliation can be one extrinsic motivator. Secondly, I have a different standard of success. Success will not mean losing 50 pounds. What I want is to: accept my size, be healthy, fit, energetic. I will not allow my success to be defined by a number on the scale, but by the food on my plate, the amount of weight I can dead lift, the time it takes me to run a mile, and the amount of time I spend on my yoga practice.